Using The Ball

Teaching kicking from the hands


  • Place hands on the hands on the ball
  • Step forward and allow ball to fall from hands note: ball should not be thrown in the air but dropped
  • With toes pointed at the ground strike the ball with laces along the kick line
  •  Keeping your head down follow through with your Kicking leg in direction of the target

PROGRESSION: once a child is comfortable with this technique there is a natural Progression to the punt kick

For this the child should release the ball with one hand while holding out the other arm for balance.


Teaching Handpass Technique 

  •  Place hands on hands onthe ball
  •  Turn ball to hold on one hand 
  •  Strike the ball on HANDPASS marker with a closed hand making contact with the ball with the base of the thumb 
  • Allow your hand to follow through in the direction of the pass


NOTE: It is important that the hand holding the ball does not move as this leads to inaccuracies and the development of a poor technique


ballBoxed 2

Where the ball fits in with current practice in clubs/nursery programmes

The ABC/ Have a ball nursery programme which is currently best practice is a fantastic introduction for beginners in the sport of Gaelic football. The use of the spot on ball perfectly complements this programme and aids in getting kids better prepared to enter games based coaching . The spot on ball provides a perfect lead in to further developing the punt kick and handpassing technique and crucially engages kids on their level. Exactly what every parent and coach wants!


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