Schools and Clubs Football Packs

Schools and Clubs Football Packs
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Schools and Clubs

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**Bulk footballs orders are shipped deflated and without packaging

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All balls are rigorously tested

Balls are tested for size, diameter, weight and roundness

Ball materials are tested for hardness and abrasion and water resistance


Where the ball fits in with current practice

The ABC/ Have a ball nursery programme which is currently best practice is a fantastic introduction for beginners in the sport of Gaelic football. The use of the spot on ball perfectly complements this programme and aids in getting kids better prepared to enter games based coaching. The spot on ball provides a perfect lead in to further developing the punt kick and handpassing technique and crucially engages kids on their level. Exactly what every parent and coach wants!


Club and school packs are available in UK and Europe with delivery charge of €9.50?

Shipping is free in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland