Games & Drills

 - Games for Improving Technique 

1. Teams of three

spotonsports football training


Key points to note for coach/teacher:

  • No throwing ball up to kick it. The ball must be dropped from the hands
  • Face in direction of receiver
  • Toe pointing at the ground green kickline hits laces
  • This game is a great introduction to teamplay
  • This game can be used in the same way for handpassing just move cones closer together
  • Allow teams to encourage each other and add up their scores

2. Handpass to partner

spotonsports football training
  • Place cones 3m apart and divide group into pairs
  • Each player inturn handpasses the ball to their partner
  • This drill is performed in a stationary position as the focus is firmly on developing the handpassing technique

3. Over The River

spotonsports football training
  • Using the correct technique the players kick the ball to the other team
  • This is a great game for developing both kicking and catching technique and a great introduction to teamplay

4. Knock the pole

spotonsports football training
  • players in pairs 10m apart
  • a pole is placed in the middle
  • the object of the game is using the correct kicking technique to try and hit the pole with the ball
  • the first pair to hit the pole 5 times are the winners


Key notes for coach/teacher:

  • observe that all children are using the correct technique
  • This game helps to introduce children to an element of competition