About Us

Barry Anderson  

I am very passionate about coaching and in particular giving every child the best chance possible to participate and progress in sport. I have coached at all levels within my club from senior men right down to nursery. I have also coached in 3 local primary schools and am a father of 3 young boys who dream of running out in Croke Park someday. I identified a need for a better way to coach skills to beginners in the sport and a need for an alternative to a "one size fits all" approach.I developed the SPOT ON ball to deliver a clear, concise and consistent message to beginners and crucially to teach in the way children can learn and It does just that.  I wish you hours of happiness whether coaching or learning the skills of Gaelic football with your new SPOT ON footballs .and My hope is that more children can fall in love with, and enjoy playing, their National sport for years to come